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Why workstation security is needed now

There is no turning back – today’s digital world continues to expand as more people work from home and more companies do business online. According to Ladders, the number of high-income remote workers ($100,000+) jumped from less than 4% before the outbreak to roughly 9% by the end of 2020. Today, high-paying jobs in the field account for more than 15% of all high-paying jobs.

The creation of remote offices and the rise of cyberattacks

Cloud-based operations are proliferating because remote work is still important to many companies. It is also important for organizations to protect their workstations (desktops and laptops) from unregistered workstations, both online and offline. Statistics show that working remotely increases the risk of cybersecurity. An IBM study reported that the average cost of a breach was $1.07 million higher when remote work was a factor in data breaches. This research shows that remote work, an essential part of today’s new workplace, has become a major concern in cybersecurity.

When remote operations lead to data breaches, the cost per breach is higher.

As the job market increasingly uses unsecured phones with a variety of office equipment, so do criminal threats designed to exploit this change for computer security and digital crimes. Workplaces create a common attack environment and are an entry point for attackers and malicious users.

Again stats – SANS organization shows that 85% of crimes involve endpoints. Regular office users, including sales, marketing, finance, and human resources, can easily click links or open attachments that contain malware. If local regulations are not monitored and enforced, the attack can easily spread into the background or escalate regulations, causing serious damage.

How can Delinea’s Privilege Manager help you protect your office applications, reduce the risk of cyber attacks and deceive users? Privilege Manager allows companies to instantly and automatically remove all local credentials, including secret or hard-coded credentials, from their registry and workstations. It uses the policy to support applications that users need to complete their work without the need for credentials or IT support. By doing this, you can reduce your attack surface and avoid wasting time and resources on the eventual impact and resolution of the threat

Using Manager to Cyber-Protect Workplaces ​Includes 1.+ in

IconStep 1: Find a Local Administrator

in Windows and macOS environments. Delinea provides the ability to quickly find local government areas on registered and unregistered computers.

Why is this important? Most end users have local administrator rights on their workstations by default. Worse, local government passwords are often not interchangeable or the same password is used across multiple systems.

Step 2 IconStep 2: Manage Local Administrator Accounts

Now that you know where your local administrator account is, the next step is to figure out how to manage all your local administrator accounts one by one. You can find out what a local account manager does by taking the time to look at a regional account manager. In this step, you will learn about the duties and personality of the local mayor.

Step 3 IconStep 3: Remove local account administrators and policies

You are now ready to remove local administrators with an automated and scalable process. Manage group accounts and local administrators to determine who should be granted access.

Create application control by changing export policy settings. Policy scenarios determine which applications for additional information are to be submitted, rejected or forwarded to make an approval decision. The right decision-making process improves IT team productivity by processing needed requests. In case of uncertainty, the system requests additional information to determine access to the application. For example, a popup box asking the user to explain why they need an app doesn’t understand the needs of the right customer as they can run trusted apps and must enforce the rules without IT support.

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Step 4 IconStep 4: Report

  • After discovering, checking and, if necessary removing, native controls, the final step is analysis and reporting. This includes situational analysis and user analysis. These reports are crucial to meeting compliance requirements.
  • In summary, the main benefits of using Delinea Policy Management are:
  • ControlApplications – allows users to install and run only approved applications
  • Legal Policy – creates a user who can do his job without environmental management.
  • Increase Productivity – Increase customer and employee productivity and performance user reviews

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