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Top cybersecurity predictions for 2023 and resolutions to make sure you’re ready for the new year

The digital world is evolving. AI affects all industries and operations. The metaverse is all around us. Quantum computing promises to be a reality.

Top cybersecurity predictions for 2023 and resolutions

While these developments are exciting, the fear of bankruptcy is also causing budgets to shrink and many companies to increase demand for their cybersecurity technology stacks. Meanwhile, our home has become an extension of our office. The cloud also causes a massive expansion of the threat space.

Cybercriminals can focus their attacks while IT and security managers are busy making budgets, hiring staff, implementing technology, and performing maintenance tasks. Attackers are constantly evolving and looking for ways to gain access.

We cannot help but wonder: What does this mean for IT and security planning for 2023?

  • We must strive to secure our rights in the future. Some things will change, but others will remain the same. Data privacy and security remain top priorities.
  • We can’t sit down. When we are impatient, we quickly fall behind or become very dangerous. We must always be strong and resilient to change.
  • last year. I made some predictions about cyber warfare, ransomware, esports hacking, personality rights and lack of trust. Some have been true and will continue to teach us all in 2023 and beyond.
  • There are many reasons to be excited about 2023 and a few issues affecting the cybersecurity community. Let’s take a look at some of the guesses, the humble presentations of the security guard and cybersecurity researchers.

Network Predictions 2023

Forecast 1:

Digital DNA Theft – Deepfakes copy digital humans

From 2023 onwards, deepfakes will be real, not only our digital numbers but also digital signatures of our DNA Versions will be stolen. Revealing our digital DNA on the internet will lead to a deeper connection with replication and the creation of “digital people”.

The science fiction movie “The Sixth Day” paints a disturbing picture of a future in which humans are cloned as part of a larger conspiracy. We are on the same path, constantly uploading photos, videos and audio to social media, synchronizing our physical lives, creating our own models, and choosing to share ourselves online to feed our hunger for digital augmentation data Algorithms powered.

It’s only a matter of time before attackers create a real digital avatar of any of them, and it will be very difficult to verify people’s identities without information verification technology.

Prediction 2:

Successfully switch jobs – bring your own office (BYOO)

The employee’s home will become an extension of the office. Just as climate change dominates the global pandemic, we have now started to bring your own workplace change and home workers have become the falling cloud or mild weather.

The biggest challenge organizations face today is understanding where enterprise security begins and ends. Should we try to protect domestic workers as an extension of the workplace? What does this mean for employee privacy? Are we 24/7 employees watching 24 hours a day, not 9 to 5? BYOO will make this question harder to answer.

Your private and business life has become to be separated from each other. That changed with Bring Your Own Device and will now continue with Bring Your Own Office. The lines will blur.

Prediction 3:

Cyber ​​Basics – Cyber ​​Hygiene and Awareness

To be a mature cybersecurity community, the basics must first be done right. Cyber ​​cleaning and awareness will be the most important issues in 2023.

A good cybersecurity strategy is essential as more and more organizations look to cyber insurance as a financial security to protect their businesses from major financial risks from data breaches and ransomware attacks. The days of “cheap and easy” insurance are over.

This means back to the beginning in 2023 to improve cybersecurity fundamentals. Continuous operation and a changing climate mean that effective access control, backed by multi-factor authentication (MFA), password management and continuous authentication, is required to reduce risk.

In addition to implementing better security controls, employers need to empower their employees with better cybersecurity awareness. This means continuing education and training to ensure that employees are informed and ready to be effective advocates when threats develop.

Forecast 4:

Cyber ​​Army – Terrorism Fact

Over the past few years, many countries have discovered the ability to commit cybercrime and build their arsenals. A cyber army could be formed in 2023.

Many countries have adopted some form of cyber force to support existing military forces or defend against cyber attacks, for example Estonia created the Estonian Defense Association Cyber ​​Force in 2010 from the 2007 cyber attack. By simulating when a cyberattack will target the country, they can prepare to defend against it. Since then, other countries have developed similar cyber systems.

In 2023, the need to fight has become a reality. Although not all countries have conventional weapons, all countries can easily develop cyber weapons and are ready to use them.

Forecast 5:

Online Recruitment – Labor Demand

Employment diversity will continue through 2023. As an industry, we need to be mindful of how we bring new and diverse skills into the cybersecurity workforce. The old way of attracting and retaining new talent into network marketing needs to change. Hiring the right people isn’t about core skills, it’s about many skills like communication, collaboration, marketing, design and thinking.

Cybersecurity is now a challenge for every society, and as international security expert Mikko Hypponen puts it, “We are not just defense, we are communities that hinder defense.”

Cyber ​​Solutions for 2023
With these insights in mind, take some time to prepare for the new year by strengthening your security. The solutions below provide a solid foundation for your cybersecurity, so try all three in 2023 and you won’t regret it.

Solution 1:

Update Your Personal Password

Hackers use password obfuscation techniques, brute force attacks, and social engineering tricks to steal people’s passwords. If they get the password using the authentication token (password hash), they can “pass the hash” to compromise multiple machines without multiple passwords.

Passwords are a headache for users. For IT and security teams with hundreds or thousands of password contributors, identity management and password security is a nightmare.

Move your passwords to a business password manager. Enterprise password management software is basically the number one lock on the site, protecting your passwords from unsuspecting users from slowing your business down.

Enterprise password management software uses security controls to prevent internal and external threats that obtain master passwords, certificates, secrets, tokens and keys to gain access to confidential procedures and information. These centralized password management systems can be on-premises or in the cloud. Most importantly, they provide password security for all account types across the organization.

First, learn more about enterprise password management.

Solution 2:

Enable MFA Anywhere

How do you differentiate between legitimate administrators who provide valid IDs and passwords and those who do? Is it bad to use fake credentials?

Let’s not expect passwords to be the only protection for IT systems. Try to have multiple guarantees for your most important accounts.

Multi-Factor Authentication requires an additional authentication step to provide additional authentication. MFA is one of the most effective and easiest content management systems for effective access management, delivering more value with less effort. After the first case, you will find that it is easier to enable MFA for many accounts. This will help reduce the risk of an attacker breaking in.

According to Gartner, businesses that access remote sites quickly without using MFA will experience five times more incidents than businesses using MFA. Regulated industries such as financial services, healthcare, and e-commerce are using PCI, HIPAA, PSD2, DFARS, NIST, etc. to use MFA for efficient access. influenced by many organisations. MFA is now a requirement for network security to prevent unauthorized access to servers, offices and remote locations. Of course, MFA is important to best practices such as zero trust and zero representation.

Learn how flexible and scalable MFA can authenticate at all access control points, from access to privilege escalation, without slowing people down.
Get the
eBook: MFA Anywhere.

Check out our MFA demo to learn how to use multi-factor authentication everywhere to make management decisions.

Solution 3:

Assessing Your Security

Early 2023 is a good time to ask: Are your security controls working as well as you think?

For some companies, audits are required to meet regulatory requirements and demonstrate compliance. For everyone, this is the best way to make sure you understand your entire parking lot so you know where the safety barrier will be. By monitoring and recording privileged sessions, you can capture events for investigation and remediation.

Check your statistics and look for suspicious activity such as unauthorized access from suspicious sites or devices. If you see an unknown device or an old device that you no longer use, be sure to remove access or change your password.

Data collection often forms a large part of the audit process. Automatic, centralized reporting saves you time preparing documents to present to auditors.

Delinea offers many free tools to help you identify risks and monitor cybersecurity solutions for the new year.

Getting Started with Windows’ Privileged Account Discovery Tool. This free tool evaluates credentials and passwords on your network to identify areas of security risk.

  • Unexpired private funds
  • Legacy numbers for eligible funds that do not expire
  • Mutual funds
  • Unprepared workers

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