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Securing and managing Microsoft Windows Store apps with Privilege Manager’s latest update

In the world of connected IT and integrated ecosystem, security management of Windows Store apps has become more and more important to organizations. But it’s a balance between employees and IT administrators – employees want the process of downloading and accessing these applications to be fast and seamless, while IT administrators are responsible for securing the network.

Employees downloading apps without security policies increases the risk of malware and ransomware. When administrators have to deal with many users, it becomes impossible to manage download applications and individual access rights for each user.

Apps are listed as the second most vulnerable vector to ransomware attacks

Approval is the key to the problem. Unauthorized users are prevented from downloading and running applications, increasing the risk of illegal installation or giving criminals access to IT systems. In a recent ransomware study by Delinea, apps were listed as the second most vulnerable to ransomware attacks.

Ransomware attacks can have a significant impact on a company’s business, causing disruption of operations, loss of sensitive data, financial problems and damage to the name In the same survey, respondents whose companies have been victims of a ransomware attack in the past 12 months We asked them to choose all possible outcomes. Lost revenue was chosen as the most beneficial by 56% of respondents, and 50% chose loss of customers. These results clearly show that the financial impact of ransomware attacks is the first and foremost concern.

Microsoft Windows Store

So how can businesses reduce these risks?

Next, to protect the organization, IT administrators must establish strict rules and procedures for employees to download and use applications, monitor used and downloaded applications, and updated security measures. To solve the problem of accessing unmanaged apps from the Microsoft Windows Store, we improved Delinea’s permissions manager by adding the ability to restrict users from downloading and running the app.

In the latest version of

Privilege Manager, IT administrators can apply improvements to Windows Store apps such as Windows Terminal, Dell Support Assistant, Notepad, and Focus Assistant. Administrators can apply rules to apps created from the Windows Store and define which apps are not allowed to run. The additional level of control not only helps secure the network, but also helps ensure compliance. Permission Manager Enforcement Policy – New Table View With this powerful new feature, we are rolling out our related tools to support IT administrators when making policy and policy changes in Permission Manager, such as those related to the concept of Windows Store apps.

Prior to this new update, administrators had no way of knowing how many endpoints were affected when a new rule was applied. This will lead to an increase in the price of the support ticket. With the latest version of Privilege Manager, administrators can now make changes to the use of privilege filters and see on the dashboard how many endpoints the change will affect. With this information, managers can plan policy changes more effectively.

Privilege Manager gives IT teams easy control over applications

Upgrades applications with privilege based management, Privilege Manager gives IT teams easy control over applications. IT administrators can create policies to support, allow, deny and limit applications based on intelligence threats. Some applications may also be supported so that users can use them to complete tasks without contacting IT support.

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Workstation Privilege Manager Protects against malware and insider threats by enforcing minimum privilege security and applying local credentials to endpoints. Companies can retrieve and easily remove all local credentials from registrars and non-domain management endpoints.

Our latest add-on is designed to help reduce the risk of ransomware and malware attacks for business users who download apps from the Microsoft Windows Store. By reducing these user rights and enforcing strict security measures, we help create a safer and more secure work environment.

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