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Questions you need to ask to calculate the true cost of PAM

Creating a cybersecurity budget is a difficult time. Constant cyberattacks and rising ransomware rates have proven that bigger budgets don’t necessarily mean more security.

In an uncertain economy, every dollar in the cybersecurity budget is scrutinized and questioned. Spending more money on one solution (not to mention time!) means less resources that can be spent on other solutions.

calculate the true cost of PAM

Why should your investment in Privileged Access Management (PAM) be as cost-effective as possible? You don’t need ready money. You never want to go back to your board or bank account to make more money.

PAM TCO Financing White Paper

Many people ask us how to get the most out of PAM budgets at the lowest cost. Investing in the right PAM can give you a competitive advantage and prepare you for a future where wrong decisions can take years.

Advantages of the Modular PAM Solution

We recommend that our customers look to the future when choosing a PAM solution, even if they are just starting out in the password safe business.

This is because as your PAM grows, you will want to build advanced capabilities such as session management, endpoint upgrade, multi-factor authentication (MFA), automation and analytics. Therefore, the best way is to choose a PAM solution; This means that all products are built on the same platform and can be easily integrated with each other.

Choosing a solution means you don’t have to waste time and money reworking, transferring files, or setting up integrations. Instead, because your team already knows your solution’s data structure and interfaces, they can start using new PAM functions as soon as you add them. In an age where many companies are looking for ways to consolidate their network spend and vendors they trust, modular solutions are the way to go. Avoiding the Hidden Costs of

PAM When you’re ready to compare the actual costs of

Insight Management, be sure to factor in all the variables. Consider the cost to start and operate, as well as maintain and grow over time. Calculate the cost of PAM software license fee and support infrastructure and services.

Many PAM solutions have hidden costs beyond the default. Some providers require you to purchase additional hardware, software or professional services. When this happens, your total cost of ownership may be much higher than expected.

The Hidden Cost of PAM TCO White Paper

So How Do You Know If It Is?

This is a quick list of questions to ask a shortlisted seller during your PAM product evaluation and purchase.

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PAM Top 10 Questions Affecting Your Budget
Do I need to purchase more products or add-ons to complete basic PAM functions?

  • Which professional services should be used to implement, maintain and improve my solutions? Does my team need additional certification to do this?
  • What kind of infrastructure is required for a PAM solution?
  • If cloud hosting, is PAM a traditional cloud solution or migrated directly to a virtual machine?
  • Can I use on-premises directories such as Active Directory and OpenLDAP without sharing, trusting or duplicating the directory for each virtual cloud?
    Is the
  • MFA built into the PAM platform to reduce complexity and centralized management, can I bring my own validator?
  • Are there any features that represent failure, i.e. do I need to purchase additional items to ensure availability?
  • Can I enable new PAM features without installing new software?
  • Do you use off-the-shelf products such as Microsoft SQL databases or legacy tools?
  • Do we need special scripts to successfully change passwords in our environment?

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