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Privileged session monitoring and recording: what you should know

Accountability is not a bad word! It goes hand in hand with PAM security—no matter what vertical or size of an organization. Every privileged account needs to be secured.

Session recording provides the visibility and accountability to keep users and organizations protected while shining a light on nefarious acts within privileged accounts—even if that is a legit user. Privileged session recordings allow people to view sessions in real-time and review previous sessions to examine the why, the who, and the how privileged accounts were accessed.

First, let’s make sure we’re all talking about the same idea here.

Session Monitoring and Logging is a feature of Privileged Access Management (PAM) solutions that allows organizations to monitor and log the activities of privileged users. Especially users who have access to business-critical systems and information. This ensures that authorized users do not abuse their access or that malicious persons do not work in the dark by attempting to compromise the system.

How Session Monitoring and Recording Works

Session Monitoring and Recording Traces and logs accessed by privileged users to certain privileged accounts. This includes logging keystrokes, capturing screen activity, accessing data transfers and system changes.

Session Monitoring Screenshot Quickly find logs

Let’s go one step further.

If the user is available for a local application, the session log captures everything the user accesses, providing visible information about the user’s session. This session data can be audited, ie the session data can be viewed and linked to the user, their login account, and what the user did during the chat session. It is important to note that video recording is important here.

Capturing keystrokes during logging for native login applications should be done with care, because you run the risk of logging keystrokes not designed for the session, and the responsibility is Voluntary.

If a privileged user logs into the application using an SSH account or an RDP account, session recording captures screen activity as well as keystrokes in real time. Keystrokes are captured in this user account, as entering the name ensures that all transactions are private to the authorized account’s operation.

Note that with all the maintenance and logging features, you should be able to organize what you capture. More importantly, the dialog typing functionality can be customized to meet the specific needs of the organization, for example by turning certain types of data capture on and off. For example, disable keystroke capture for sensitive apps.

Session Monitor Summary Screenshot Session Summary provides control over details such as activity heatmap, process flow, keystrokes, and session metadata


Some optional systems and information when it comes to job capture for eligible users. Each option has advantages and disadvantages.

Agent-based session registration: This method is to install monitoring software on each system that needs monitoring.
Client-based session recording: Install client-based software on each system that needs monitoring.
Proxy-based session registration: In this method, a name server is placed between the monitoring system and the network.
Session data from any of the above processes is usually stored in audit files that can be examined and analyzed to identify suspicious or inappropriate activities. It provides accountability to all users in every session and provides protection for users and organizations.

Monitoring and recording can also help organizations comply with regulatory requirements, improve security, and reduce the risk of data loss or breach. It can also be used to solve problems, solve problems, and encourage follow-up.

It is important to understand that cutting everything is not the best thing. Interference makers may think cutting everything is the best approach, but doing so creates a large amount of data to scan. It is not possible for most organizations to review the retention and rewarding of all this information.

Advantages of Monitoring and Recording

Recordings have many advantages when writing legitimate conversations that far outweigh the disadvantages.

  • Enhanced Security: Organizations can identify and prevent security threats or abuse of rights by appropriately monitoring and recording user behavior.
  • Compliance: Network Monitoring can help organizations comply with regulatory requirements by providing legitimate user records that can be used for analytics. Check and track targets.
  • Risk mitigation: Session monitoring can help reduce the risk of data loss or security breach by providing visibility into authorized users and unauthorized transactions.
  • Incident Response: Data monitoring can be used to investigate and respond to evidential events such as security breaches or data loss.
  • Troubleshooting: Can be used to troubleshoot user benefits such as document tracking, configuration changes, or file changes.
  • Workflow Optimization: Interactive Monitoring can help organizations operate efficiently, quality and reduce labor costs by implementing the process of monitoring and documenting user activity.

Disadvantages of Recording

While the benefits of confidential conversations outweigh the downsides, it’s important to be aware of them.

  • Cost: Implementing and maintaining a closed session can be expensive, especially when it involves using software or Remote Monitoring Services (RDS) hosts across multiple systems.
  • Note that some PAM providers require you to use the RDS hostname, which adds to the cost, so be sure to ask your representative (Delinea doesn’t require this).
  • Complexity: Setting up and managing privileged recording systems can be complex, especially when multiple systems and different types of data capture are involved.
  • An easy way to avoid this is to make sure it’s part of your PAM solution, like Delinea’s easy-to-use Private Server.
  • Privacy: Some users’ activities are monitored and recorded, especially if the information is recorded and related to others.
    Training of authorized users and negotiation of customized information are important for healthy and effective communication.
  • Activity: Gathering and storing information about customers has the potential to impact performance by increasing the need for resources.
  • Monitor and save account rights to better capture data and reduce operational issues.
  • Storage: Keeping records of user rights requires significant storage capacity and can be expensive to manage over time.
  • Make sure your PAM reseller can do the job for you at virtually no additional cost.
    While proprietary registration provides significant security, compliance, and risk mitigation benefits and makes it useful to users and organizations, it is important for organizations to carefully consider the pros and cons when using and managing social media. .

Session Recording Best Practices

The following are best practices that can provide guidance for recording and monitoring privileged sessions:

  • Administration: Know which accounts are privileged and ensure they are included.
  • Definition: Clearly define and document each user’s permissions and use minimum rights for each user.
  • Processing: Implement strong authentication mechanisms such as multi-factor authentication (MFA) for authorized users.
  • Analytics: Applies analytics to track and record the actions of authorized users.
  • Audit: Periodic review and analysis of statistical data to detect suspicious or unauthorized activities.
  • Project Establish policies and procedures to respond to situations involving authorized users, such as their access being removed or serious issues.
  • Overall, chat monitoring and recording enables organizations to understand and be accountable for the actions of authorized users in profit accounts. This helps improve security, compliance, and efficiency. Organizations should support the use of benefits by providing training and guidance to beneficiaries on how to exercise their rights and comply with rules and regulations regarding the design process.

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