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Introducing the Delinea Platform: seamlessly extending Privileged Access Management

In an expanding, complex IT environment, managing access can be cumbersome. You need to find people hidden in the identity forest and make sure that the access control policy is the same between identity types. Time is wasted and mistakes are easy. As we explained in our vision to expand

PAM, separate, unsupported security tools can only do some of the work, but they cannot give you personal agreements and entitlements throughout your ongoing struggle. The Policy Access Management (PAM) business – you – deserve better.

Delinea Platform Introduction

Today we are launching the new Delinea Platform, our answer to the call to expand PAM. The Delinea platform seamlessly extends Privileged Access Management (PAM) to provide simple and customizable real-time access, helping IT and security organizations reduce risk while increasing productivity, performance, and capability.

The Delinea platform is a set of cloud-based shared services that support Delinea’s industry proven PAM solution, providing end-to-end visibility, governance law and security compliance.

Delinea Platform

With this release, organizations can centrally manage and access required credentials from Secret Server by managing VPN-free secure remote access and managing surveillance for third-party vendors and contractors in remote access programs and integrated critical IT and security solutions. Delinea does all the work through the same cloud interface. Bringing these resources to the Delinea platform in the beginning facilitates the growth of the first and foremost in PAM.

Delinea Platform Screenshots

As more functionality is added to the Delinea Platform through the continuous delivery process, you will be able to view and manage all users, machines and applications identity, permission, design and relationship between sites. central management platform. Built around a hidden server, Delinea’s enterprise-class PAM solution, a platform that seamlessly integrates PAM into your company’s multi-cloud equivalent.

platform makes it easy for teams inside and outside the network to adopt your security protocols for effective access. Orphans no longer have rights. No more screen switching. No more relying on old, outdated solutions or wasting time.

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Delinea platform’s vision:

Monitoring: End-to-End Visibility

Investigation, monitoring and protection of access to all personal and environmental certifications. Identify and access analytics and integration in PAM solutions on a single platform, while mitigating issues with conflicting management and policy updates.

CHECK: Dynamic Permissions

Constantly check permissions for all roles and processes in an interface. Develop policies as needed through operational management and flexible, flexible policies.

ADAPT: Extended Security

  • Seamlessly integrate PAM into your environment and operations with audit-based management and centralization, and reduce friction to increase adoption. In addition to these features, the
  • Delinea platform will form the basis for other PAM technologies.
  • Delinea Platform Mobile Authentication

Here are some details of the early features of the release:

  • Enterprise vault – The Delinea platform is built on the industry-leading Secret Server Cloud. Private servers are simple, fast and offer greater flexibility, security and centralized management.
  • Remote Management – Employees and third parties working from home can access the systems they want directly from their browsers without the need for a VPN. Remote monitoring provides on-demand monitoring.
  • Extensible MFA allows administrators to create custom rules for different groups to ensure equal validation and validation.
  • Integration Marketplace – Add integrations directly from within the platform to save time and reduce friction. You can connect your organization’s ITSM, SIEM, CI/CD tools to incorporate PAM into your operations and make PAM applications easier to implement by your organization.
  • Get an early look at the new Delinea platform
  • Learn about the new Delinea platform and see how it can help you extend access control to and across multiple clouds.

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