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Global survey report regional edition: cybersecurity leaders reveal

The cybersecurity landscape is constantly changing. Tools and techniques that worked for your organization last year may not be the best today or tomorrow. The global security landscape demands constant vigilance, especially as new cyber attacks and vulnerabilities are discovered every day.

At Delinea™, we interviewed 2,200 IT security experts in 19 countries to create a global cybersecurity benchmark and prepare regional data:

  • ANZ: Australia and New Zealand
  • Asia : Singapore and Malaysia, Japan, Taiwan and Hong Kong, India
  • Africa and Middle East: UAE and Saudi Arabia, South Africa
  • Brazil
  • Europe: France, Italy, Spain, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Turkey, UK and Ireland
  • UK and Ireland

Some regions are more successful than others. In addressing cybersecurity challenges in this area, we describe the current security landscape, including the types of threats, security measures, priorities and strategies used by specific countries.

Our report on the state of global security can be used to compare your region’s performance against global cybersecurity benchmarks. See what the IT security leaders in your country are doing and what’s missing from the regional approach. Download this report.

Some Cybersecurity highlights from the report:

1.Companies in Australia and New Zealand are the most influential people in the world

Our research shows that in Australia and New Zealand (ANZ), people who monitor security controls have more influence than themselves. equivalents in other countries. most likely destroyed. Only 6 percent of ANZ security executives said they had not experienced a data breach or cyberattack in the past 18 months. This is lower than the global cybersecurity benchmark of 16%. While 84% of ANZ executives say their budgets are tight, ANZ executives should focus on increasing their cybersecurity budgets to execute their strategy and choose the right tools to fight the threat.

2.UK&Ireland should be included in the C-suite

According to our findings, personal security awareness is low among the BK&Ireland (BK&I) C-suite, with only 29% seeing it as a better way to do business compared to 37% worldwide. In addition, 26% of interviewed security managers don’t see identity security as a business priority compared to 20% globally. UK&I security managers need to promote the importance of identity security with the business leaders to reach their objectives and strategy implementation.

3.European security managers must fight a wide range of threats

In this report, we have interviewed security professionals from 9 European countries and regions. We found that although the loss of sensitive data is the top and clear biggest threat, all other threats have almost an equal rate of significance. European security leaders must have a security strategy backed by secure cybersecurity tools to deal with a variety of threats, as all of these threats can lead to the destruction of the organization.

Global survey report regional edition: cybersecurity leaders reveal

4.Asian countries differ in their security policy implementation

On average, Asian countries implement security policy, with 37% of security managers having Cyber ​​threat, 29% Security managers, their approach with resources and capital layer. He says it could be better. However, 43% of Indian security officials say they don’t have a good strategy. This contradicts the approach of security leaders in Taiwan and Hong Kong, where 50 percent say they are actively responding to threats.

The problem with Indian Security Executives is not that senior management is not supportive because they seem to understand the importance of personal security very well. Our findings show that financial constraints are a challenge, as 84% ​​of executives in India say they are constrained by budgets and resources. Only the success of cyber defense can strengthen personal security, and top management of the organization should support this plan with the necessary resources.

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5.Brazil’s cybersecurity outlook is promising

Brazil’s cybersecurity challenge is the best among all countries surveyed. Security officers in Brazil have the highest regulatory support, the most effective cybersecurity strategies, and the lowest crime rate.

6.Loss of sensitive data in South Africa and the Middle East

In 11 of the 19 countries we surveyed, the biggest concern for security administrators is the loss of sensitive data. This is also the biggest challenge facing South African and Middle Eastern companies. But security guards in the Middle East also paid the financial costs of job losses and fines.

With privacy violations resulting from stolen credentials becoming more and more common, protecting those credentials should be a top priority in these countries.

South Africa and Saudi Arabia Data Breach

Now that you have the key cybersecurity criteria and conclusions from the Delinea Global Cybersecurity Leaders Survey report, it is clear that security leaders around the world and their cybersecurity threats

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