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A Need for Speed: What is a High Speed Vault & why do DevOps teams need one?

Here are some questions to help you better understand how and why High Speed ​​Vault is the best option for your DevOps team.

Robotics Icon Do you want a church for humans or non-humans?

Is the main purpose of your museum to manage people’s passwords such as usernames and passwords? human identities? In this case, you manually grant permissions for contacts and deauthorize them. Learn more about Custody Human Credentials here!
Dev Ops team needs a church for nonhuman money, and they need another one – fast. DevOps teams need to monitor SSH keys, tokens, API keys, and certificates that provide unauthorized accounts to individuals. Keeping these secrets should be more urgent.

Let’s examine why you need speed.

DevOps teams make frequent changes to increase speed while minimizing the risk of errors and conflicts during the process. This results in a faster build and faster delivery of results.

Fast, iterative DevOps workflows often expose many vulnerabilities directly related to authorization management. Each container, server, and application can have access rights, increasing the number of stops for hackers to find access points. So trying to balance agile DevOps practices with proper security is a real challenge. Does this sound like something you and your DevOps team are dealing with? If possible, you need a high speed vacuum.

Integration Token How often does the system need integration?

Some services and applications periodically connect to the database to perform multiple updates. These situations require a central vault such as Delinea’s private server. On the other hand, IoT applications and cloud development require greater speed and scale. These machines are connected hundreds or thousands of times a day.

If you have a lot of simultaneous users, you need a faster museum than the underlying API. Configuration management tools, editing tools, and packaging tools used by DevOps teams all require the higher capabilities of high-speed libraries.

How many system icons have changed?

Are you considering protecting credentials for a static IP solution? Or do you work in a virtual environment where applications and systems change frequently?

In a DevOps environment, teams run hundreds of applications, containers, and servers in test, development, and production environments. These assets can also be removed quickly. Policies are enforced through configuration management and systems administration, which constantly runs new servers, installs software, and makes configuration changes.

These funds must be discovered, secured, managed and managed. Microservices and containers need to be faster than traditional PAM solutions. If this sounds like you, you’ll need a high-speed chassis.

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Delinea’s Own High-Speed ​​Vault of Secrets for DevOps

Delinea’s DevOps Secrets Vault is a high-speed vault with the ability to create, store, and store secrets at high speed. This cloud solution is platform independent and is designed to replace complex credentials in applications to access other applications, databases and services, DevOps tools and robotic automation processes. This chassis provides the speed and agility IT and DevOps teams need to stay competitive without sacrificing security.

Dynamic Secret Management as a service enables organizations to easily and securely adopt modern DevOps and RPA principles. DevOps Secrets Vault manages administration, controls access, and provides automated access. Companies can now incorporate their DevOps to reduce revenue growth and make attack environments less vulnerable to attacks without disrupting their operations.

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