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2023: The year in review and cybersecurity trends

Another year in cyberspace shows that cybersecurity continues to be a major issue for many governments, organizations and citizens around the world.

Cybersecurity is a key element in protecting businesses and mitigating the risks of malicious actors looking for ways to gain remote access, steal documents, raise rules and remove sensitive information that could bring business to a standstill and cause significant financial losses. the price drops. Security Audit: As many businesses become more dependent on digital services, cyber threats are on the rise.

Looking back over the past year, here are my top 5 cybersecurity tips.

Top 5 Cybersecurity Trends for 2023

1.Information Warfare and Algorithmic Social Bubble

One of my predictions for 2022 is that we will see full-scale cyber warfare due to the global crisis. I’d like to say I’m close, but I’m not. Today, we see a major media warfare, with many regional events and international conflicts. These information wars have become important over how people see the world and what they believe.
. know our faith. Algorithms often make our lives better than our education, which is scary. As we navigate our social networks, we are forced to see what the algorithms want us to see, all to satisfy our need for dopamine and keep us scrolling.

In fact, we now live in an era of media warfare where our digital society has outstripped our real world.

2.Cyber ​​Fatigue – Bypassing MFA and Social Engineering

Cybercriminals look for the easiest way to gain access to an organization’s network or systems. They continue to look for the fastest and cheapest way to hide behind authorized workers.

Social engineering has been on the rise over the past decade, but will reach a new level in 2022. In response, many organizations are strengthening their security controls by adopting two-factor authentication and multiple authentication (MFA) to reduce risk. associated with employees who continue to choose weak or repetitive passwords.

The image represents an employee suffering from cyber fatigue

When attackers face security challenges, they adapt their strategies to cope and find ways to overcome security issues through social engineering and cyber fatigue. Cyber ​​fatigue is when employees almost give up fighting cybercriminals because they feel overwhelmed and helpless in the face of cyber threats. Let this remind organizations and businesses that not all 2FA and MFA are created equal.

Organizations must find a balance between security and productivity to reduce the risk of cyber fatigue that increases the risk of successful social engineering processes.

3.Hybrid Workforce and Bring Your Own Office (BYOO)

COVID-19 has brought a new trend – remote work. This has enabled the digital transformation of many organizations to cloud services. dead? The truth behind the spread of Modern Workers truth.


The new working model is for workers to come to work three days a week. So those working at home have become an extension of the workplace. This is a pass from employees who have to bring their own devices (BYOD) to bring their own office (BYOO).

4.The Rise of Cyber ​​Insurance

Business leaders are looking for ways to reduce the risks posed by cyberattacks and ransomware that harm many businesses and financial stability. With the need to reduce the financial burden of cyber attacks, many business leaders are looking to the cyber insurance industry as a security measure.

Enjoy cyber insurance for over 10 years

Cyber ​​insurance has become a necessity for business resilience and continuity. A recent Delinea study found that 33 percent of IT decision makers resort to cyber insurance because of board management. Additionally, insurance policies have been tested – about 80% say they use cyber insurance and more than half say they use cyber insurance more than once.

The cost of cyber insurance is rising at an alarming rate as more and more cyber insurance policies become available and more businesses need to use them.

5.Deepfakes – can you tell the difference?

2022 The improvement in the quality of the skin is dangerous because only some images and clips are available on the internet and attackers can become digital copies of you.

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Deepfake Example

We’ve seen so many deepfake fakes circulating on social media that it’s almost impossible to detect the true original version without a little analytics service. We should now know that any digital video or audio must be certified for authenticity.

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